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Navigational Query

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What is it? #

Navigational Query: A navigational query is a type of information seeking behavior where users employ search engines or other information retrieval systems to find and visit specific websites or online resources. This type of query is characterized by a user’s desire to navigate through a series of web pages or documents, rather than simply retrieving a list of relevant results. Navigational queries often involve using search engines as a starting point to explore a particular topic or find a specific resource, and may involve multiple search sessions and a series of related queries.

Here are some examples: #

A navigational query is used when you want to find a specific piece of information or perform a specific action based on the user’s input. Here are some examples:

  1. Searching for a product on an e-commerce website:

    • User: “I’m looking for a black dress.”
    • System: “Here are the black dresses we have in stock.”
  2. Finding a movie by its title on a streaming platform:

    • User: “I want to watch The Godfather.”
    • System: “Here’s The Godfather. Click here to start streaming.”
  3. Locating a restaurant based on the user’s current location:

    • User: “I’m hungry and I’m near Central Park. What are my options?”
    • System: “Here are the restaurants near Central Park. Pick one and I’ll give you directions.”
  4. Finding a piece of information in a database:

    • User: “I need to know the population of New York City.”
    • System: “According to the latest census, the population of New York City is 8,623,376.”
  5. Performing a specific action based on the user’s input:

    • User: “I want to buy this shirt.”
    • System: “Great! Please provide your payment information, and we’ll process your order.”

In all of these examples, the system is responding to the user’s input by providing relevant information or guiding them to a specific action.

In Summary #

Navigational queries are a type of information seeking behavior where users search for specific data or resources by following a series of steps or links. They are often used when users need to find their way around a complex system or website. Navigational queries can be either explicit, where users type in a specific search term, or implicit, where users click on links or icons to navigate through a series of pages. They are an important aspect of user experience and can help users find the information they need more efficiently.