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Manual Action

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What is it? #

Manual Action

A manual action is a process of resolving issues or performing tasks on a website or online platform without the assistance of automated tools or scripts. It typically involves a human operator manually reviewing, analyzing, and addressing the problem or task at hand. Manual actions can be used to fix technical issues, improve website performance, or enhance user experience. They may involve activities such as updating content, optimizing images, fixing broken links, or addressing security concerns.

Here are some examples: #

Manual Action is used in various situations where automated processes or algorithms cannot fully address a problem or situation. Here are some examples:

  1. Manual review of search engine results: Search engines like Google and Bing use algorithms to rank search results. However, they also employ human reviewers to manually evaluate the quality and relevance of search results. This helps to improve the overall user experience and ensure that the search engine is providing accurate and helpful information.

  2. Social media content moderation: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use algorithms to flag potentially inappropriate content. However, they also rely on human moderators to review and remove offensive or harmful content that may not have been caught by the algorithms.

  3. Online shopping quality control: E-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay use automated systems to process orders and track inventory. However, they also employ human workers to inspect and verify the quality of products before they are shipped to customers. This helps to ensure that the products sold on their platforms are of high quality and meet customer expectations.

  4. Customer service and support: Many companies use automated systems to handle customer inquiries and provide support. However, there are still situations where a human representative is needed to address complex issues or provide a more personalized level of support.

  5. Data entry and validation: While automated systems can be used to enter and process data, there are still situations where human input and validation are necessary. This is especially true for data that is not easily readable or understandable by machines, such as handwritten notes or complex images.

  6. Market research and analysis: Automated systems can be used to gather and analyze market data. However, human expertise is often needed to interpret the data and make strategic decisions based on the information gathered.

  7. Healthcare and medical treatments: While technology has made significant advancements in healthcare, there are still areas where manual action is essential. For example, doctors and nurses must manually examine patients, administer medications, and perform surgeries.

  8. Education and training: Teachers and trainers often use technology to enhance their lessons and assess student progress. However, human interaction and feedback are still crucial for effective learning and development.

  9. Art and design: Creativity and artistic expression often involve manual action, such as painting, drawing, or playing a musical instrument. While technology can be used to enhance these activities, it is not a substitute for the human touch and creativity.

  10. Sports and recreation: Many sports and recreational activities, such as basketball, soccer, or hiking, involve manual action and human interaction. While technology can be used to track performance or enhance the experience, it is not a substitute for the physical and social aspects of these activities.

In Summary #

Manual Action is a feature in Google Search Console that allows webmasters to submit a request for a manual review of their website by Google’s team of experts. This review can help identify and resolve issues that may be affecting the website’s performance in Google search results. Webmasters can submit a Manual Action request if they believe their website has been unfairly penalized or if they need assistance in addressing a specific issue.