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Cornerstone Content

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What is it? #

Cornerstone Content: The term “cornerstone content” refers to the essential, foundational content that forms the basis of a website, blog, or other online platform. It is the content that provides the most value to the audience and is crucial for establishing the site’s authority and credibility. Cornerstone content typically includes in-depth articles, guides, tutorials, or other resources that cover a topic comprehensively and are designed to be evergreen, meaning they remain relevant and useful over time. This content often requires significant time and effort to create but can be highly rewarding in terms of user engagement, search engine rankings, and overall site success.

Here are some examples: #

Cornerstone content is used in various places, including:

  1. Website homepage: The main content on the homepage that provides an overview of the website’s purpose, features, and benefits is considered cornerstone content.

  2. About us page: The content that describes the company’s history, mission, vision, and team members is cornerstone content for the About us page.

  3. Product/service pages: The detailed information about the products/services offered, including features, benefits, pricing, and specifications, is cornerstone content for these pages.

  4. Blog/news section: The most important and valuable articles, news, or updates that are relevant to the website’s niche are considered cornerstone content for the blog or news section.

  5. FAQ page: The most frequently asked questions and their answers are cornerstone content for the FAQ page.

  6. Contact us page: The contact information, including email, phone number, and a contact form, is cornerstone content for the Contact us page.

  7. Privacy policy and terms of service: The detailed information about the website’s privacy policy and terms of service is cornerstone content for these pages.

  8. Social media profiles: The most important and engaging content shared on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, can be considered cornerstone content for the social media profiles.

  9. Email newsletters: The most valuable and relevant information shared through email newsletters with subscribers is cornerstone content for these newsletters.

  10. Online forums or communities: The most popular and engaging discussions, topics, or posts within an online forum or community can be considered cornerstone content for that platform.

In Summary #

Cornerstone Content is a type of content that forms the foundation of a website’s content strategy. It is the most important and valuable content that a website offers, and it is designed to attract and engage a target audience. Cornerstone Content typically includes high-quality, in-depth articles, videos, or other media that provide valuable information or insights on a particular topic. The purpose of Cornerstone Content is to establish a website’s authority and expertise in its niche, attract organic traffic from search engines, and engage users to keep them coming back for more.